Who Are We?

We at John Bray & Family Funeral Services do not just provide our clients with a funeral – our aim is that of creating a space where one can celebrate the deceased’s life with integrity, discretion, respect and understanding. We provide each and every one of our clients with professional guidance through this difficult time.


When planning a funeral, we aim towards taking care of all the necessary plans and arrangements, along with last wishes implementation and understanding. 

Our main aim is that of helping family and friends get through this hard time and present the deceased with a dignified and respectful farewell.

Our Beliefs 

Respecting Traditions

We respect all cultural, ethnic, spiritual and religious beliefs and are open to present unique and personal final arrangements for all individuals

Offering A Helping Hand

We aim towards providing mourners with a caring and compassionate hand every step throughout their journey from loss to healing

Compassion & Understanding

We promise to create a healing space where your loved ones will be able to bereave and mourne in a dignified manner